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Ponden Mill is a great place for your event.   



Bed & Breakfast

Ponden Mill now has 2 Bed & Breakfast rooms available.




Ponden Mill is a very special place to Camp. Right on the river worth we have 15 pitches for campervans and tents.



Ponden is just on the Pennine way, and is a convenient stop since it’s a days hike from Hebden Bridge. If you wish to hike only part of the Pennine way then you can go by train to Hebden Bridge and we can arrange the pickup of your bags there. Then you can walk through beautiful Heptonstall before going past Top Withens (Wuthering Heights) to Ponden.


Ponden Water is the lake at Ponden and a wide range of activities are available. From Canoeing to Sailing.

Ponden has Forest areas pathways are now being laid to allow for the easy navigation of nature trails. The planting is adhering to the ideas of the edible forest.

Local Attractions

One of the great things about Ponden is that although it is a beautiful piece of unspoiled Yorkshire countryside there are still lots of things to do that you can get to without needing a car.

Haworth is the historic small local town within walking distance to Ponden. Its greatest claim is being the home of the Bronte family, with the parsonage museum, and many other sites that are as described in their writings. However even without the Bronte fame Haworth is a stunning and picturesque town in its own right (

With restaurants, pubs and shops there is plenty to look at and it might sound a bit morbid but the graveyard is awesome. The graveyard and village have been used as a film set many times, probably the most famous was The Railway Children in the 70’s.

You can’t really have the Railway Children without having a railway and the Keighley Worth Valley Railway runs a regular Steam Train service through Haworth to Keighley ( Entirely run by volunteers the railway is one of the foremost historic steam railways in Britain. The railway has many special events, from Santa Specials, to Thomas the Tank Engine days where the engines are all dressed up. For adults they also have dining and music evenings.

Wycoller is one of our favourite places to visit. With the decline of cottage weaving due to the rise of mills like Ponden, Wycoller was abandoned until rediscovered in the 1970’s. With 16th century houses, ancient pack horse bridge, and an 18th-century five-aisled barn

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All things Bronte

The Bronte Sisters lived in Haworth and wandered about the Ponden area extensively. Many local sites feature in their writings. For example Wuthering Heights is an abandoned farm called Top Withens which is just above the mill. Heathcliff’s house in Wuthering heights is Ponden Hall, which is just above Ponden Mill, the owners of which originally built the mill.

Ponden Mill is within walking distance of all the major Bronte Sites and of Haworth itself where the Bronte Parsonage is now a museum.

Falling Water House

Canopy and Stars


Our newest experience is named Falling Water and is designed to be a tranquil escape in a forest setting with views along the Pennine way.DrippingWaqterfalllLowRESdripping4 n

Falling Water was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wrights Fallingwater house in America. Like the original FallingWater it is built on a waterfall. Although some people refer to it as a treehouse because it is partially elevated in a very large tree. The interior styling is in keeping with the FLW ideals with many Japanese influences. The windows go almost 270 degrees around the room and resemble Japanese Soji screens. The sound of the water is always prevalent but not overpowering.

Falling water is not large and can only accommodate two people. Breakfast can either be brought to you in the morning or you can join us in the mill. You will also be brought Tea, Coffee and nibbles during your stay.

Falling Water was featured on George Clarks Amazing spaces and was also used in the opening credits for all of series 8.


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